yvonne miller



I began my business, Diamond in the Rough, in 1992 as a means to be home with my children while continuing to contribute to the family financially. For over 20 years I’ve helped clients bring beauty to their homes and create spaces that are as pleasing to the senses as they are functional.

I’ve officially re-launched and re-branded my business in 2018.

The new name, Chameleon Interior Design, reflects my desire to bring out the personal style of my clients rather than showcasing my own preferences. I believe your space should reflect who you are and what you love, not the designer you hire. My expertise is creating a space that is both functional and pleasing to the senses that is a reflection of the life you live.

Your home is your sanctuary where you should be able to relax and recharge at the end of the day; it should be a welcoming retreat that reflects what you love and how you live.  I love the challenge of incorporating sentimental items and family heirlooms into a client’s current lifestyle in a way that honors their past while allowing them to explore a future that clearly has their signature on it. Whether your style is sleek and modern, cozy and traditional or anything in between or an eclectic combination of styles, Chameleon Interior Design can assist you in creating your ideal living space.

Whether your project is as small as selecting paint color or as large as a complete kitchen, bath or home remodel, I am here to help you. Since 1992 I’ve worked with clients to do everything from rearranging furniture to decorating for the holidays to complete remodel projects.

I look forward to working with you to create a space you will love living in. Contact me to schedule a consultation.


  • Our new house looks amazing, because of the great job Yvonne did. I highly recommend her.

    Karen M.
  • It has been twenty plus years since Yvonne began decorating our home at Christmas time. She made all the garlands, wreaths and some of the decorations custom for our home in Newhall and when we moved to our home in Valencia she made new items to go with our current color scheme.

    Felix O.
  • Each day, I pass my living room with a huge smile because it is completely revamped. The space Is beautiful and it most definitely fit my budget. Thank you Yvonne for your beautiful caring spirit. You were an absolute joy to spend time with during this journey!

    Sheila O.
  • My house feels like a complete home now. Before Yvonne's help my house was just a collection of meaningful things that either didn't have a place, were hidden, or in the wrong space. After Yvonne's help of adding a few decor items to what I already owned...it was an instant facelift and now I'm constantly reminded of all the places I've traveled and my great memories when I step into my home.

    Natasha W.
  • I want to say to Yvonne from "Diamond in the Rough" a huge thank you for creating my dream house, for making it affordable, so much better AND way beyond what I could ever imagine!

    Michael A.

Ensuring your environment is a reflection of you, not the designer you hire.